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Leadership & Team Development

Leadership & Team Development

Maximising individual and team intelligence and effectiveness for high performance and leadership alignment. Figuring our 'your best you' though balance for optimal performance, assertiveness, resilience and authenticity.

Recent consulting experience.

Public - Large Agency - Technology leadership team development using HBDI as a system to measure and describe thinking preferences in people.

Government - Education - Development of a leadership strategy for the teaching profession of New Zealand. Enabling every teacher to develop their leadership capability.

Private - Health - Executive team development through better understanding individual and team thinking preferences, plus personal and shared values.

Private - Energy - Development and delivery of the organisation's leadership development programme, including social network analysis, influence, coaching with compassion, emotional intelligence, and other core management disciplines.

Various - Executive coaching.

HR Effectiveness & Assurance

HR Effectiveness & Assurance

Getting the best out of your HR function, and ensuring HR and change management policy and practice achieves business benefits and desired outcomes.

Recent consulting experience.

Public - Media - Effectiveness review of the organisation's HR function, including detailed recommendations and implementation plan.

Private - Agriculture - Independent assurance of the change management aspects of a core system replacement.

Government - Energy - Independent assurance of change management aspects of an asset management system replacement.

Public - Large Agency - Effectiveness review and future state design of the Agency's HR an Communications functions.

Private - Pharma - Pre-sale due diligence across people related capabilities.

Employment & Industrial Relations

Employment & Industrial Relations

Achieving harmonious employee and industrial relations. Includes mediation of personal grievances, collective bargaining, remuneration and performance strategies and policy development.

Recent consulting experience.

Public - Defence - Review and development of accommodation assistance policy and support to personnel.

Private - Energy - Collective agreement lead negotiator for the employer.

Public - Large Agency - Review of the client's performance management infrastructure, and the development of recommendations for how it could be used as a key lever to support and deliver organisational priorities.

Public - Large Agency- Design and implementation of modernized remuneration policy and practices.

Various - Management of personal grievances and disputes.

Personal Therapy Services

Personal Therapy Services

Mybestme is an affiliated counselling service providing confidential therapeutic services to clients.

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CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behaviour patterns or treat mood disorders such as depression.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) is an amazing therapy to work through old wounds or traumas so that these memories no longer inhibit clients in their daily living. This reprocessing therapy, helps clients to not be emotionally or physically triggered anymore.

IDT - Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) is a powerful modality or way of working with clients, used by thousands of New Zealand and Australian service providers across the range of helping professions.

Sensitive claims - Mybestme is registered for ACC sensitive claims.